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    Hey! I liked it! (I went with Amelia)
    I can see where the ugh comes from, though. Again, won't spoil it...but it was totally worth seeing, despite the "ugh!"

    Amelia... you're going to scare them away! Don't listen to her. Buy the hats, but don't listen to her. ;)

    Thanks for inviting me... I miss you...



    Oh no!

    Please, Amelia, fill us with some hope. This is the movie that will revive the series right? It's got something that will get the fans out to the theaters, right? All I see from the pop culture vultures everywhere is that the movie has "sleeper hit" written alover it. Are they wrong?

    PS. I bought one of these hats this summer and it's the coolest! I hope everyone gets one.



    This is the first negative response I've found for the movie, and believe me, I've looked. I kept telling my friends that I can't believe this will be a good movie--I just am not convinced it could be as good as people say it is. I'd awefully curious what stinks about it.


    I'm awfully*


    Whedon makes some choices that hurt some people, because he isn't there to make you feel good.
    If you haven't seen the series you probably don't care, and as such it probably has little effect on most people.


    I'm so angry. The "ugh" spoiled the entire movie for me. I know there were cool parts, but I just can't get over the "ugh".

    I won't be seeing another movie if it gets made.


    It was REALLY well done, but the "ugh" parts were really distressful. Otherwise I loved it. And the one-liners? Awesome.

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